Energising Lives.. Energy for All

18% of the world population has no access to electricity. This number is much bigger, if one takes into account the quality and erraticity of energy supply. This is where M Power will make a meaningful contribution by helping potential power plant investors with knowledge based services for designing, engineering, managing robust and reliable “renewable” energy solutions best suited for local communities.




1.456 billion people (18% of the world's population) do not have access to electricity, of which 83% live in rural areas.



With a strong focus the rural under privileged communities, M Power will provide solutions to -


1. Villages that need access to off-grid / grid connected ppwer

2. Corporate firms that focus on sustainability

3. Industry - Community Private Partnership models

4. Township in semi-urban areas


M Power will devise the most optimum combination of “renewable” energy involving solar, wind, biomass and hydro source of power. Thus, every community will benefit from the “best fit solution” for the local conditions. This ensures sustainability of the solution, which has always been elusive.

M Power with its expertise in renewable energy and hybrid solutions to provide an “end to end”, concept-to-commissioning design and project services that will ensure cost effective energy solutions.





By making technically robust and economically viable solutions accessible M Power Createcreates access to adequate energy. As an active center of knowledge, M Power will contribute to the sustainable social and economical development.




  • Dual knowledge centre as company backbone
  • Specialized due diligence : Social Impact and Rural Energy specific
  • Hands-On Experience
  • Industrial know-how of the team, seasoned professionals, backed by strong parent companies.
  • Best of two worlds : EU and India based company
  • EPCM Capable : Making EPC Knowledge affordable


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